Monday, July 19, 2010

Finishing Touches

With a meager 12 days to go before my big departure, I am here in Redondo for a few days doing my best to say good-bye (well I actually hate good-byes so I'm calling 'em 'See You Laters!') to a few of my favorite people. Those See You Later's, I've found, tend to center around food, and I mean who am I to complain! Since arriving I have had most coffee dates, ice cream dates and meals scheduled with people I want to spend some last minute quality time with reliving memories before I am off, and I've loved every second of them! 

A few of the pillars of Redondo

I've been in Redondo for about a week and in that time have done my best to put the finishing touches on myself. I've gone to the dentist, got a haircut, stocked up on contacts, prepared a box of teaching materials and toiletries for shipping, emailed my fellow JET neighbors in Japan, got an international drivers licence, got skype, got Yen, got a credit card, opened an IRA (just cause I was already at the bank), worked on finalizing my background check while I wait for the FBI to report back, that in fact, I am not a criminal. And last, but not least...packing. To begin with...I HATE PACKING. Especially when it has to be strategic.

I am out of my apartment in SF July 31, which means selling my furniture via craigslist, finding a new roommate, moving everything out of there back to LA, while packing summer clothes for Japan. Simultaneously keeping a separate suitcase of business clothes for my first 4 day JET conference in Tokyo. Many times I have prayed for a money tree to appear in my backyard so I could just buy new clothes when I get has yet to appear, most likely because in SF I have no backyard, I'm pretty much 0 for 2.

Despite all that, everything appears to becoming together and I am getting more excited by the day! This is going to be the adventure of a lifetime and I can't wait for it to begin!


  1. Nihon is waiting for you, Kate chan!

  2. Can't wait to see you here in just a couple of weeks! See you in Tokyo xx

  3. So excited for you! Read your charming letter that you sent to my mom, and I am just returning from SE Asia myself (3wk vacation that was wonderful). Enjoy every minute you have at home, and don't pack nearly as much as you think you should. :) I have some friends who have been teaching ESL overseas for several years now - Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, among others...if you'd like, I will send you their email addresses and I am sure they'd be happy to chat with you re/ questions, advice, or just good stories. Loves to you and M+E, looking forward to all your blog posts! xoxo Kimberly

  4. Loved your blog. great graphics, & very nice letter. I love you lady & truely will miss you, though look forward to learning to blog & sharing your adventures. Love Carol



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