Monday, January 23, 2012

Mid-Year Conference

It`s been awhile since I wrote about anything job related, so I thought I would go ahead and remedy that, especially since this was a recent happening. Every January the JETs(participants in the Japan Exchange Teaching Program) of Chiba travel to the middle of the prefecture for a two day skill development conference. Each JET comes with one of the JTEs(Japanese Teachers of English) they work with, all with the goal of bettering our team teaching ability. There are quite a few team teaching demonstrations, as well as lectures and discussion. Aside from the conference itself, the JETs love it because it`s an opportunity to hangout with other JETs who we probably haven`t seen in a while, and of course, eat lunch at a mall food court. We`re a group that appreciated the little things.

Post conference, each day, there is usually a shared beer or meal happening somewhere as we enjoy each other`s company and revel in the fact that we can speak at our natural speed. Again, it`s the little things. 

2nd years, Andrew and Ben,
presenting on Effective Team Teaching Strategies.
Last year, as a 1st year, I was asked, like most 1st years, to come up with a team teaching demonstration to do with my JTE, Namiko. This year, as a big deal 2nd year, I was asked to a moderator for a group of 4 nervous 1st year ALTs. They did an amazing job! 

No one looks good while they`re talking.

Skill Developed, 

[The Latest]

Must Read: Status Humor ...emailed to me from my friend Jessica, it`s a compilation of the best facebook status`. My personal favorites...
-I'm having a hard time meeting a nice Amish girl on
Google Search: how to make popcorn on the stove
Tune: When You Say Nothing At All By Alison Krauss...sappy I know, but it was raining out...
Accomplishment: responding promptly to a few emails, going for a walk in the snow!, not landing on my ass while biking to school post snow!
Obsessions: The King`s Speech Movie, a pair of winter socks I recently discovered in my `winter clothes pile` they make all the difference

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