Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Right Now

It's November, When did that happen?! and I am trying to plan out my life. No pressure.
I am pretty sure that this is my final year in Japan, and, well, that is about all I know. The idea of not knowing for sure what will come next is both thrilling and terrifying all at once. I am doing my best to get things sorted, but their is just so much I don't know, sometimes I freak out just a little and have to stop what I am doing, and go do some thing that I do know. 
Remembering that while all this is familiar territory now, that wasn't always the case.
Reminding myself to live in the now. In this chapter. In today. 
So, one day, I can say, "Remember when?!"

picture taken by me. edited with instafonts app.

As of now, here is what I do know...

-I can't drink chu-hi.
-Kashiwa has the best burgers.
-Someone will stare at me daily.
-The people at the post office are odd.
-The Shin-Keisei line runs later than the Tobu line.
-The twins across the parking lot will cry at bath time.
-The Starbucks at Shibuya crossing only has tall sizes.
-In a restaurant, my purse will get its own basket or chair.
-The ATM gives me cash in 10,000 yen increments. ($125)
-I know the trains in and around Tokyo like the back of my hand.
-My morning BlendyStick is waiting for me in the tea area at school.
-I will go to Starbucks after school this week. They will recognize me.
-I will have an awkward interaction with someone at some point during the day. 
-The vending machine at the end of the alley has the biggest Cokes for 100 yen.
-The weekly Monday ALT meeting is at 3:45, and I can make it on time leaving at 3:37.
-Someone will be available to skype with after school if it is too cold to do anything else.
-M, W & F are the trash days for burnable items. Thursday is for non-burnable items.
-I will listen to the iHeartRadio app on my bike rides to and from school, singing along in the process.
-McDonald's breakfast ends at 10:30. I can make it from bed to McDonald's in 13 minutes flat.
-Tanigawa in class 3-2 will say, "OHHH Keito! You look grrrreat!"And regardless of my response, he will say, "Pardon?!"
-When asked, "How are you?!"Hikari in class 3-3 will pretend to think about it, giggle, then tell me   that she is, "so-so". And I will act surprised.
-When transferring trains, I listen to E-Pro by Beck, and feel like the queen of Tokyo as I power walk through the station.
-My entire staff room will greet me with a sincere smile and an, OHAYOOO GOZAIMASU, every  morning.

Right here, Right now, 

[The Latest]

Google Search: 130 lbs to kg
Tune: E-Pro By Beck.
Accomplishment: Completing the grammar part of TEFL.
Obsessions: InstaFonts App.

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