Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Norm For Me A Chuckle For You

Today, my 13 year old 1st years had to write out a self-introduction that they were then going to come read to me.
I was walking around the room helping the kids fill in the three blanks that sat staring back at them. 

I am                      .
I am from                           .
I am good at                             .

I was helping one little girl change her bolleyball to volleyball, when I heard one of my favorite boys practicing his pronunciation. 

"IIIIIII am good at bas-KET-ball. BAS-ket-ball. bas-ket-BALL."

I looked over at him and all his friends that had taken to helping him, they looked back at me and we all smiled. I said it correctly a few times from across the room and they repeated. Focusing intently on each syllable, trying to stress the correct one. 
They weren't getting it. 

I walked in their direction, saying it about four more times before arriving next to his desk.
I looked down at his paper and stopped. 
He repeated the word again, stressing all the syllables so at this point he was just yelling the word while his friends looked on in laughter. 
I smiled and he followed my finger as I pointed to the word on the page. 

"This says, baseball." 

Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, 

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Must Read: More women than ever are bread winners, which apparently is a bad thing??...FOX News. I paraphrased big time, but have we all seen this!? 
Google SearchPomegranate in Japanese.
Tune: Clarity By Zedd. 
Accomplishment: Some great communication with my cleaning crew. 
Obsessions: Thai fried rice.

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