Friday, May 30, 2014

Takahashi Murakami @ The Orpheum

Contemporary Japanese artist Takahashi Murakami is in town promoting his first movie, Jellyfish Eyes. I went with a co-worker the other night to watch Mr. Murakami and Pico Iyer, a British born resident of Japan, sit down to talk about about Murakami's art, it's cultural implications as well as its reception in Japan and in the west. I found it all fascinating. You can watch the 90 min conversation online here if you're interested. The chat was put on through The Broad foundation.


On our way to The Orpheum theater we passed a few downtown LA details as well as buildings with incredible architecture. I couldn't get enough. 

The classily stunning Orpheum Theater. 
Highly recommended if for no other reason than the interior architecture.

Pico, translator (only for the difficult questions) & Takahashi. 
(please excuse the iphone camera)

Cross-cultural convos,

The Latest...

In wintertime, it’s very important to do aerobics, because you’re stiff. So I make my staff stretch. And now we say “hello” and “good night” and “thank you so much,” because the young generation cannot say hello. Everyone wants to keep quiet. But SMS is loud, and everybody is quiet and cannot look each other in the eye. It’s crazy. I hate that. You have to say hello. Hello. Hello!
-Takahashi Murakami on calisthenics and the kids these days
Making it through this week on little sleep.

Our new car

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chapter II: Los Angeles

So, it's been a while...

I started writing in Japan to document my life and share the culture with my family, friends, and anyone else who cared to read. I loved processing all that happened one blog post at a time, sharing my photos and making Japan seem tangible to my readers.

Since I last wrote, I have gone through all kinds of growth and transitions and have found myself a new person with a new perspective. I have found myself back in Los Angeles and have decided to tackle the City of Angeles just like I did Tokyo. 

Welcome to my view of Los Angeles.

Here we go.

From LA to Tokyo...and back again, 

The Latest...

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.  
-Maya Angelou, RIP


Radiolab Podcasts 


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