Friday, March 30, 2012

City Livin

On my last full day in the city, I was determined to make the most of it. I went for a beautiful run through the park with Kelly and her Aunt. Then it was off to see an old advisor for a quick hello and a psych professor for lunch. We met on campus and it was such a treat to be able to walk around my old university on such a lovely day. It was just as pretty, if not more so, that I remembered.

Sophomore Livin.
My former professor, employer and general buddy.
Khan & Kate.
After lunch I hopped on the bus and headed downtown to check out what the SF MoMA had in store for me. Here are a few of my faves.

Loved this one, probably because I'm pretty sure I
(and all my CA friends) have seen a picture of our mom like this.
Also wanted these,
but couldn't bring myself to spend $16 on the little guys.
Bright lights, big city,

[The Latest]

Google Search: C & O Trattoria.
Tune: One Foot. By FUN.
Accomplishment: Figuring out how to do my taxes via a foreign country.
Obsessions: Brownies my mom made.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

K.Nam & K.Bo

Upon arriving in the city, I was greeted at the airport by my sister from another mister, Kristin. Our dads worked together long before we were ever in the picture. We've grown up together, celebrated major holidays together, and have taken family vacations together. We both did KUMON as kids (and hated it), as well as piano lessons, and worked as JETs. Prior to going to Japan I lived in San Francisco, post living in Japan she moved to San Francisco. 
We essentially swapped lives. 
We're pretty much identical, except that we're different races.

Kate & Kristin.
In the 24 hours we were together, we essentially just ate and toured the city.
My kind of vacation.
First we hit up Hog Island Oyster Co, in the beautiful Ferry Building. Splitting oysters and a bottle of champagne, as we toasted to my dad (her Uncle Marty) and her new job!

Ferry Building.
Cheers! Kampaii!
Happy Hour Indeed.
The gorgeous view from dinner.
Extra points for you if you knew this was the
Bay Bridge, not the Golden Gate.
Our Moms were big fans of this one.

After our first course of oysters, we headed to the Mission district of the city to Southpaw BBQ. We had delicious matching meals, consisting of a sweet tea and vodka cocktails and pulled BBQ pork sandwiches. 

Then it was off to Bi-Rite Creamery to get some ice cream to take home and enjoy. 
Late night Bi-Rite, Sex and the City and a fresh coat of nail polish 
made for a great evening in.

Morning coffee from Ritual before a few Muni rides, uphill walks, and city touring. 

Morning Fuel.

Thanks for a great few days Kristin, congrats again on the new job!

Little K,

[The Latest]

Google Search: Kaiser.
Tune: Some Nights By FUN.
Accomplishment: Running all kinds of errands this morning.
Obsessions: These little guys. Thank you Lindsey.

Monday, March 26, 2012

San Francisco, I Adore You

I had the most amazing few days in San Francisco this past weekend, as soon as I walked off the plane I was reminded how much I love this city. 
I love the diversity, the food, the architecture, the umpteen different cultures, the four or five different languages you can hear within a span of only a few minutes, the fact that you can ask just about any resident of San Francisco and they will instantly tell you how much they love the city. I love the fact that no one really cares that a pigeon walked into the cafe, the man next to you on the corner reeks of weed, the two guys in front of Sketchers downtown are making out, or that Tommy from "Tree Trex" just got on the bus with a boa constrictor in a tupperware container to take it to its new home.
All of which I witnessed in the span of 48 hours. 
Live and let live. 
It's a marvelous concept.

Dear San Francisco, 
Thank you for an amazing weekend with old friends, old hangouts and new memories. Here are a few of the reasons I will keep visiting, despite our long distance relationship.

I love you for...

...your cafes.

...your random sidewalk art.

...your bookstores.

...your spontaneous bands.

...providing me with a beautiful street to live on.

...amazing views.

...great coffee.

...not judging me when I eat wine, bread and
cheese for dinner with my old roomies. 

Which happens more often then we'd like to admit.

...beautiful lattes from my neighborhood cafe.

...Golden Gate park.
...providing me higher education in a great city. people a voice.

...great architecture.

...embracing all cultures. art.

...being consistently photogenic.

...great restaurants and great wine.

...darling candy shops.

Thank you again city by the bay.

I left my heart in San Francisco, 

[The Latest]

Google Search: SF MoMA hours.
Tune: Some Nights By FUN.
Accomplishment: Making good use of my time in the city.
Obsessions: San Francisco. Hope you picked up on that one from this post.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Moms and Girls

Since we were in high school, a few of my best girl friends and our moms have gotten together about once a year for lovely afternoon of chit chat and conversation. As we've grown older, it's become increasingly difficult to get everyone together. Though when we finally do, it's always an evening to remember. We have discussed everything from where we would go to college, what we would study, future travel plans, who would get married first and the inevitable topic, usually spearheaded by my mom, "where will we all be in 5 years?"

"Now girls, where do you think you'll all be in 5 years?
Who wants to go first?!"
-My Mother

Tonight, no one was under 25, in my mind making us all "real people" and I realized how grown up we've all become (a real shocker since I still think I'm 18). Over an amazing orzo salad and flank steak we celebrated a birthday, a new apartment, a PhD program acceptance, an engagement, a new Aunt, another contracted year abroad, and a trip to China.
Maybe we are big girls?

The Girls, Minus Two.

[Moms and Girls]

Jenifer & Megan. 
Lauren & Mindy.
Eileen & Kate.
Kiana & Michelle.
Kiana was missing a mom, and Michelle was missing a daughter,
so tonight they were a pair.
Plus, they just look so much alike. 

Eileen's Daughter,

[The Latest]

Must Read: Better Than Words With Friends...from Slate.
Google Search: The Descendants.
Tune: Cha Cha Slide By DJ Casper.
Accomplishment: Getting my friends to use the Japanese phrase, dijoubu. Well done girls.
Obsessions: Megan's Tres Leche cake.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

City By The Bay

Headed to one of my all time favorite cities today. Cannot wait to jog through Golden Gate Park, sip arnold palmer's on Fillmore Street, shop downtown, grab Starbucks from California Street, check out the MoMA, eat mexican food in the Mission and hang with a few of my favorite city residents.
San Francisco here I come!

LA to SF, 

[The Latest]

Must Read: Why Do Communists Love Red?...from Slate.
Google Search: Super Shuttle.
Tune: Is Anybody Out There By K'NAAN feat. Nelly Furtado.
Accomplishment: Packing fo SF. I hate packing.
Obsessions: English TV and DVR, a dangerous combination.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 Year, 1 Week and 2 Days

I realized I didn't mention this at all in the past few posts, but that in no way means I forgot.
March 11 was the one year anniversary of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami.
The country has come a long way, but still has a long way to go. 
Just keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
That is all I ask.

Ganbatte Nippon!

Check out this amazingly powerful video.

Also, check out this video that my friend and fellow JET, Oana, made after her volunteer trip to help clean up post tsunami and earthquake.

Shaken but not Stirred, 

P.S. Oana was also part of the group I went to India with and made this video of our trip there. It gets me every time. She is beyond talented.

P.P.S. Read about my earthquake experience here.

[The Latest]

Google Search: JetBlue.
Tune: Cupid Shuffle By Cupid.
Accomplishment: Finding a wedding worthy skirt at Forever 21. 
Obsessions: Razzmatazz Jamba Juice.

Monday, March 19, 2012


When Lindsey and I got together last week, we had big plans to be productive. She was to do some med school studying and I was going to attempt to tackle the fresh load of emails I'd received over night. After each consuming another cup of mid morning coffee, we decided to screw productivity, and head to Beverly Hills for lunch and the ever famous, Sprinkles cupcakes. 

Irish Cream, Coconut and Black & White. 
 Cousin Pat and Irish Cream.
Being 100% Irish, it was only fitting that I brought her back an Irish Cream.

[The Latest]

Google Search: AT&T Store Locator.
Tune: Settle Down By Kimbra.
Accomplishment: A run (shhh, it's been a while).
Obsessions: Essie, Wicked nail polish.


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