Thursday, August 28, 2014


At my current job, I am surrounded by students from over 40 different countries who have come to our language school to learn English. Most of the students are in their early 20s and our convos are absolutely a highlight of my job. Our daily interactions range from heart felt discussions about family and culture, to the latest thing going on in LA. With their jeans, t-shirts and American slang, sometimes I forget they are from a world away. Leaving other friends, families and jobs behind to come and learn English just for a bit.

When it is time for the students to return home, it is my job is to arrange their transfers to LAX. As I write their ticket I chat with the students to see if I can get them to sum up this cultural experience in just a sentence or two. Some are so poignant, while others, just plain funny.

What will you do when you go back to your home country?

          -18, Chilean girl, studied in LA for 6 months

"Work on making the Venezuelan professional futbol team." 
(He did.)
           -22, Venezuelan guy, studied in LA for 5 months

"Work for my father's company. I really don't want to but he's making me. I'm hoping to come back to LA soon. I can't stay in Japan, I just can't."
           -26, Japanese guy, studied in LA for 9 months

"Be a doctor. I finish in November, I will be an do you say?  
Ah, yes. Anesthesiologist. Let's take a selfie. Will you sign my lab coat?
          -26, French guy, studied in LA for 4 weeks

"Well, I am not going directly home. I am going to France first to visit some family, then home to the Congo then back to France to go to school."
           -19 & 21, Congalese brother/sister pair, studied in LA for 2 months

Stay tuned for more Chit-Chat!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of School #tbt

With this week marking the first day of school for many students, I found myself looking through old photos from my student-era. I came across these winning pics taken the first day of my last year of undergrad. 

Which just so happens to be exactly six years ago today. 

I took these pictures with my then roommates, Jade and Jessica.
We emailed them to our parents who chuckled, then proceeded to ask us where the time had gone.
As if we knew.

I remember chatting with the girls the night before school as we assembled IKEA furniture, swapping summer stories while we cursed the IKEA "directions". 

And because I don't know where Jessica's picture is, here she is with Kendra assembling IKEA furniture.

Fast forward to now. 

 In just six short years, there have been so many milestones and things to celebrate since these photos were taken.

Jobs with salaries and benefits have been acquired.
Marathons and half-marathons have been run.
Undergrad and Graduate degrees finished.
Jessica and Jade have each gotten married. 
Countless countries visited and lived in. 
Career paths have been created.
Teaching credentials finalized.
Cars have been purchased.

Knowing all that we have accomplished while maintaing our friendship, makes me just so proud of us.

It gives me so much hope as I see the local kids walking to school.
I am so excited for the paths their friendships will take, and the milestones they will celebrate right alongside their current pint sized partners. 

Roomie 2008 Christmas Card

Then and Now, 

The Latest...

Google Search
Gardening in the dark with my Mom. 
Don't ask. 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bachelorette in Portland

My first college roommate is getting married! A few weekends ago, 13 of the bride-to-be's favorite ladies got together in Portland to celebrate her and this next chapter in her life. It was a weekend full of beer, good food and great conversations about being a girl in your 20s. It was a truly special weekend, and seeing all these amazing ladies come together to celebrate and support Miss Melissa on this next chapter. 

I made a little video to commemorate the weekend. I've added it below if you'd like to see. 

Congratulations, Missi!!! We are so happy for you and Danny!

from Kate Bohan on Vimeo.

Hayes Healy #822,

The Latest...

-The Every Girl

Surviving jury duty.

New desk at work.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Update

highlights included...
1-my favorite little hike behind Trump Golf Course with a few of my favorite roommates. 
2-succulent shopping. trying for a little yard makeover while respecting this severe CA drought.
3-homemade pizza. 
4-Sunday day was spent watching Lauren kicking volleyball butt at a Santa Monica beach tourney. 
5-Sunday night was spent signing our hearts out to all the Beatle's classics, at Hollywood Bowl's 50th anniversary tribute. such a special show. 






hope your weekends were also full of  lots of sun and good friends!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

CA Science Center: Pompeii and the Endeavor

Been awhile since the last post, but I have all kinds of things to show you!

Last Saturday, my friend Linds and I made our way to the California Science Center to see the current Pompeii and Endeavor exhibit. I haven't been to the Science Center in quite some time, an elementary school field trip may have been the last time (oops.)...nonetheless, the museum doesn't disappoint. With free entry, aside from a few of the special exhibits, it is a great way to spend an afternoon.

[Pompeii Exhibit]
When people hear the word 'Pompeii' they mostly think about the tragic volcano that brought the city to a stand still all those years ago. What we don't ever seem to learn about is just how vibrant and, in my opinion, darling, the city really was. I loved the women's jewelry! This exhibit walks you through an average day in Pompeii culminating with a mini reenactment of the volcano at which point you walk out to see the casts of the deceased. 

The Endeavor space ship, now officially retired, has it's eternal home at the Science Center. The shuttle was no doubt impressive, but what was more impressive was how well hidden it is! The shuttle, not surprisingly, is huge. Linds and I patiently waited in line, then through the really nifty video of how the shuttle made it's way through the streets of LA to its new home, until we were allowed into the garage. We were pretty eager by the end of the video. Everyone must have felt the same because as soon as the video ended, all 50 of us literally ran to out the door to oohhhhh and ahhhh at this space shuttle. 
I love space things. Ocean things too while we're at it. 
As we gazed at this enormous beast I found myself feeling surprisingly patriotic. So cool to be surrounded by people who were equally as excited to see this American feat. 
It really was incredible. 

Ancient volcano to modern day space ship,

The Latest...

-The Every Girl

Making it through the week without a desk, phone, scanner or copier.

Flipboard App

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Color Run #Happiest5k

A few days ago I acted as a field trip leader for about 20 of our international students who signed up to experience the The Color Run. I got up early Saturday morning to head to work and make sure these students had water and bananas, and that we all made it to the bus on time for the trek to Dodger Stadium. The run has always seemed fun, but the entire trip wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend my entire Saturday. 

Made me think of this video. Take a listen. I dare you to try not to dance.

Through the storm and out with a smile.
love that lady behind me!

Color Dusted, 


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