Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food For Thought

My good friend Tori sent me this article the other day. Originally, I had planned to just put it in my latest section, but it resonated with me so much that I thought I would share it in its entirety. 

25 Things I’ve Learned In My 20s

MAY. 21, 2012

1. You can’t date a jerk and expect to turn them into a good person. Jerks are fully committed to being unpleasant. Those brief moments of tenderness they give you are designed to trip you up and give you false hope. It’s best to stay away altogether.

2. The rumors are true: your metabolism does slow down as you get older! That means if you’re still eating whatever you want, there’s a good chance you’ll start to gain an awkward amount of weight. It won’t be too drastic but your clothes will start to hang differently on your body and you’ll feel an overall feeling of unattractiveness. Start to be conscious of what you eat and strive to live a healthier lifestyle if you want to get your teen body back. (Let’s be real though, that might not ever come back.)

3. You’re going to lose touch with a lot of your friends. With some people, it will be expected but with others it will feel like a punch to the stomach. No friendship is truly safe in your twenties. You’re undergoing so many personal and professional changes that there’s bound to be some casualties along the way. Don’t worry though. You’ll end up with the ones that matter. If someone’s no longer in your life, it’s for a reason.

4. You’ll be jealous of everyone who’s more successful than you. That’s okay. Just transfer that jealousy into something productive, like working really hard so you can one day eclipse them and make them feel jealous of YOU.

5. You’ll question every decision you make and never feel completely certain that you made the right choice. It’s pointless to wonder though. You’re here now so you might as well make it be the right decision.

6.You’re going to give your heart to a few people who don’t deserve it. Then, one day you’ll come to your senses and ask them to give it back.

7.You’ll see your parents get older. You’ll come home during Christmas break and see new lines developing on their faces. One day it’ll just hit you that your parents are old and going to die. There’s nothing you can do about it, besides treat them with kindness and visit as much as your budget permits.

8. You’ll have a boss who makes you feel like you’re nothing. It doesn’t have to be in a Devil Wears Prada way. The cruelty can be much more subtle. Don’t let them get to you though. They have no idea who the hell you really are and you’re probably going to have their job someday so…

9. Doing drugs is fun until it’s not, until it starts affecting your life in negative ways and leaves you feeling guilty and wrecked. If that happens, you should stop doing them.

10. You’re going to puke in public. It’s fine. No one cares. Just puke.

11. You’ll know how to make twenty dollars last an entire week because you spent almost all of your paycheck on groceries at Whole Foods and drunk cab rides. This lesson in frugality will serve you well.

12. You’re going to betray your convictions. You’re going to feel shame. You’re going to continue to put yourself in situations that aren’t good for you. And then, slowly but surely, it will become less frequent. It might not ever go away completely but it won’t be as bad. In the meantime, stop shame spiraling about it. It gets you nowhere.

13. Loving yourself is hard. Hating yourself is harder.

14. You’re going to hook up with someone who you would never touch in the daylight sober. Just don’t freak out too much about it. Consider it to be your good deed for the day.

15. You’re going to have people in your life who are toxic. They may say that they love you, they may say that they have your back, but they don’t. Get rid of them.

16. You’ll have moments with someone that are so intense, it’ll feel like you’ve been electrocuted back to life. You’ll hold on to these moments for a long time. They’ll give you hope when you’re going through the motions.

17. You’ll always care about your first love. That doesn’t make you crazy, it just makes you human. When relationships end, it’s not so cut and dry. You carry everyone you’ve ever loved into every relationship thereafter.

18. You’ll enter your twenties as a fashion disaster and (hopefully) leave them looking fantastic. If you don’t know how to put yourself together by then, I really don’t know what to tell you.

19. You’ll realize that the Internet can be a cruel son of a bitch but, you know,

20. So much of what you think matters doesn’t actually matter at all. It’s kind of rude. Like, thanks for making me believe in things that are ultimately so inconsequential, you jerk.

21. You’ll treat someone terribly. Whether it to be a lover or your friend, there’ll be someone whose feelings you take for granted. We focus too much on whether or not someone is hurting us. The reality is that we might actually be the one who’s hurting someone.

22. Doing “grown-up things” doesn’t make you a grown up. Shopping for housewares, buying a plant, embracing domesticity — these things don’t create maturity. If you’re still a baby who hasn’t figured things out, you’ll remain a baby, no matter how many times you pay your rent on time.

23. Don’t force yourself into loving anyone. If it’s not working in the beginning, it’s probably not going to work ever.

24. You are so lucky to have everything that you have. Stop crying about an unreturned text message and get some perspective. 

25. Don’t go too long without having sex. Ever.

Heres to living, 

                                                                       [The Latest]
                                                            Happy Weekend Everyone!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Country Of Origin

For the past few weeks, Mariko, my mom 2.0, has been in Japan visiting her mother and sister. Last Saturday we made plans to meet up in Tokyo's Ginza district. Essentially the Beverly Hills of Tokyo. Mariko and her sister, Reiko, met me at the Apple store and from there we proceeded to walk and talk. The ladies scoped out a few places where they used to hang out in high school, and pointed out their spots to meet up with friends, and the best places to buy shoes. 

Keito & Mariko.
Eventually, we made our way to a tea and cake shop where we took a break from busy Ginza to have some coffee and cake. Then we hit the streets for more window shopping and reminiscing until we found an awesome soba restaurant, 12 stories up, for dinner.

Keito & Reiko.
The lovely Mariko.
Station Sisters.
Ginza From Above.
When it was time for me to begin my journey home, the lovely sisters walked me to the train station. When we got inside they said they had a surprise for me. Prior to her arrival in Japan, Mariko had asked if I wanted anything from the states. I requested pretzels, but only if she had room in her suitcase. During the day she had said that she ended up not having room in her suitcase, and I assure her it was ok, I would live without my pretzels. But low and behold, Mariko and Reiko had gone to Costco in Chiba a few days before and purchased a massive tub of sourdough pretzels, AND bagels! They stored the goodies in a station locker along with a `sexy abercrombie bag` Marikos words, not mine, for me to use on the train.
Those two really did think of everything.

Keito & the Abercrombie 8 Pack.
It is always a special treat to see someone from my stateside life over here in my current Japanese life, but to have a visitor fluent in the language...well that was just extra special.



P.S. Meet Mariko's daughter here.

[The Latest]

Must Read: 50 Advance to National Spelling Bee...from SF Gate. Check out the faces on these little guys!
Google Search: Dodgeball.
Tune: Aint No Mountain High Enough By Marvin Gaye...came on in a store yesterday. I browsed a few extra minutes just to rock out.
Accomplishment: Finding an awesome neon outfit for Saturday.
Obsessions: Cold Stone. Special mid week treat yesterday.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthday Girl

Sunday was Debs' birthday! Anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm a massive birthday fan. I love that it's a day to celebrate a specific person. A day to eat wherever the birthday girl want to eat, to do whatever the birthday girl wants to do, and a day where the special birthday person has a secret smile on, cause in the back of your mind, you're thinking...

But most of all, I love the birthday colors. I love that there is no one, `birthday color` nor is there such thing as a`pair of birthday colors`. 
When in comes to birthdays, all the colors are fair game.

Birthday Girl in her birthday dress. 

*These pictures were taken the day after our all nighter in Tokyo. It should be noted, that our exhausted eyes in no way indicate our feelings toward Deborah, her birthday, or Sundays in general, but rather the massive hangover that we were trying to power through. 
We love you Debs!

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!

[The Latest]

Google Search: Vietnam.
Tune: Up In Flames By Coldplay.
Accomplishment: Creating an excellent lesson and worksheet 3 minutes before class, and executing it well.
Obsessions: Godiva hot chocolate.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fancy Pants

Saturday night we took out our fancy pants, added a dollop of extra make-up, and got ready for a swanky night out. A friend, who works at XEX bar in Tokyo, invited us to participate in a champagne night they were having. We paid our 5000 yen, and essentially had MOET on tap all night. At 42 floors up, XEX is hands down the sexiest bar I've even been to.

[1] XEX
[2] Kate & Debs
[3] Debs and her dancy dress
[4] Kate and her dancy skirt
[5] Sushi dinner
[6] Tokyo Tower at 4am







Thanks again for everything, Aldo and Sienna!

Fancy Skirt,

[The Latest]

Must Read: Post Secret Solder`s Secrets...from Post Secret...Happy Memorial Day!
Google Search: iphone covers.
Tune: Titanium By David Guetta.
Accomplishment: Finishing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.
Obsessions:  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series. 

Cloud Soundtrack

This afternoon, just as I was about to bike home, the winds picked up and the clouds rolled in. Then we heard the thunder, the kind that makes you think the universe is mad at you, followed by a flash of lightening, the kind the makes you wonder if there is someone up there throwing bolts. 
The clouds we both noisy and mysterious, 
so much so, it seemed silly not to take a few pictures.

Angry iphone weather warning.

Boom, Boom, Flash,

[The Latest]

Must Read: Happy Birthday Golden Gate ...wish I was there to celebrate with the big red bridge.
Google Search: Angkor Wat.
Tune: YMCA By The Village People...the song came on while I was grocery shopping today and I danced all around the store. The cashiers we well entertained. 
Accomplishment: Spending the majority of my weekend outside in the sun.
Obsessions: My summer wardrobe.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Today, May 25, is my dad's 74th birthday, and the first that he's not here to celebrate. 
But we are.
So, in an effort to keep this a happy occasion, I sent my mom flowers and decided to order pizza tonight, like we used to do on Friday nights when I was little. And while we can't watch Jeopardy and TGIF anymore as a family remember the TGIF shows?! we can continue to make new traditions, while holding on to old memories. 

Happy Birthday Dad, 

[The Latest]

Google Search: Laos.
Tune: Home By Philip Philips.
Accomplishment: Mopping my floors. They're sparkling.
Obsessions: My new, free, virtual tamagotchi app. Again.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


In an effort to spice up our work week, Debs and I headed to a nearby bar for dinner and drinks last night after work. The bar is western style and has the occasional foreigner or two. It felt great to have a causal conversation with strangers in our native language. As we were paying our bill, the bartender leaned over and gave each of us a lollipop! It had been quite awhile since either of us had enjoyed a little pop and both of us were a little overly excited about it.
A few beers deep and lollipop in hand, we had an excellent train ride home.

Lollipop, Lollipop, OOOOO Lolli Lolli Pop, 

[The Latest]

Must Read: The Demise of Guys...from CNN.
Google Search: Charlotte Bronte.
Tune: Charlie Brown By Coldplay.
Accomplishment: Going for a run yesterday, when all I wanted to do after school was nap.
Obsessions: My new, free, virtual tamagotchi app.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Journals of Conversation

Talking to my students can either be largely successful, or end in complete misunderstanding. Often times they are excited to see me, and I them, but verbal communication can only go so far. As most ALTs will tell you, the students are much better at reading and writing, than they are at speaking. So, in combining all their strengths, I came up with the idea of conversation journals. And pushed the idea, as delicately as possible, until it happened. 

One of the teachers has made it mandatory in his class. The day I come into their class, is the day they read my response and write back. The kids love it! The idea has gone over so well that a few of the other teachers have made it optional for their students, and quite a few students have taken to the idea. 
It's so much fun to have real, original conversations, 
with my students on a more personal level!

The Writing's in the Journal,

[The Latest]

Must Read: TV Remote Control Inventor Dies...from BBC.
Google Search: ESL Adult Conversation Topics.
Tune: Dutty Love By Don Omar. Again.
Accomplishment: Making a great dinner last night.
Obsessions: Conbini Starbucks Coffees.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Update

Had another lovely weekend full of friends and food. 
Highlights included...
[1] a san francisco beer at an over the top american bar. 
[2] a tapas restaurant in akihabara, complete with fancy snack plates and sangria. 
i was in heaven.
[3] a day in ueno park.
[4] dinner at a Thai restaurant located directly under the train tracks of tokyo main station.
[5] and the ever classy, train beers.

Hope you all had a great weekend!




No pics, sorry. But here is one that comes up when you google Ueno Park.
I don't know how google knew, but that is exactly what I was wearing.


These are all kinds of blurry, but I think it makes you feel like you were right there with us!

Weekend Refreshed,

[The Latest]

Must Read: China`s 4D Roller Coaster ..from CNN Intl.
Google Search: Max Records.
Tune: Dutty Love By Don Omar. Again.
Accomplishment: Wearing things I don't usually wear. The weather is helping a bit with that.
Obsessions: Bubbly water.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eclipse Rules

For those of you who were lucky enough to get to see the solar eclipse today, how cool was that?! I don't know what the build up for the eclipse was like in other countries, but I can tell you that Japan had its residents prepared and excited weeks in advance. Our city hall had a huge slide show of how to properly watch the eclipse.

How to properly watch the eclipse.
I don't think you need to understand the language
to know what this is telling you.
How not to watch the eclipse.
Can you even see through a CD?
The nifty shades were for sale just about everywhere and cost upwards of 10 bucks. Does that seem expensive to anyone else? The eclipse passed over us at about 7:30 this morning and most of the students, and residents, diligently stood outside to observe this unique natural happening.

Japan Viewing Times.
Of the two dots the red line passes over...
I live right next to the top/Tokyo one.
It was a pretty awesome spectacle, made even more so since it won't be coming around again in our lifetime.
Pretty nifty.

Earth, Moon, Sun, 

P.S. Even google got in on the action.
In case you didn't see their home page today...

[The Latest]

Must Read: Starbucks 31-oz `Trenta` Cup Size Set for Debut ...from Reuters.
Is this for real?!!
Google Search: Starbucks 31oz drink.
Tune: Dutty Love By Don Omar
Accomplishment: Spending the majority of my weekend outside in the sun.
Obsessions: Lotion that adds a touch of a tan.


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