Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Country Of Origin

For the past few weeks, Mariko, my mom 2.0, has been in Japan visiting her mother and sister. Last Saturday we made plans to meet up in Tokyo's Ginza district. Essentially the Beverly Hills of Tokyo. Mariko and her sister, Reiko, met me at the Apple store and from there we proceeded to walk and talk. The ladies scoped out a few places where they used to hang out in high school, and pointed out their spots to meet up with friends, and the best places to buy shoes. 

Keito & Mariko.
Eventually, we made our way to a tea and cake shop where we took a break from busy Ginza to have some coffee and cake. Then we hit the streets for more window shopping and reminiscing until we found an awesome soba restaurant, 12 stories up, for dinner.

Keito & Reiko.
The lovely Mariko.
Station Sisters.
Ginza From Above.
When it was time for me to begin my journey home, the lovely sisters walked me to the train station. When we got inside they said they had a surprise for me. Prior to her arrival in Japan, Mariko had asked if I wanted anything from the states. I requested pretzels, but only if she had room in her suitcase. During the day she had said that she ended up not having room in her suitcase, and I assure her it was ok, I would live without my pretzels. But low and behold, Mariko and Reiko had gone to Costco in Chiba a few days before and purchased a massive tub of sourdough pretzels, AND bagels! They stored the goodies in a station locker along with a `sexy abercrombie bag` Marikos words, not mine, for me to use on the train.
Those two really did think of everything.

Keito & the Abercrombie 8 Pack.
It is always a special treat to see someone from my stateside life over here in my current Japanese life, but to have a visitor fluent in the language...well that was just extra special.



P.S. Meet Mariko's daughter here.

[The Latest]

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Google Search: Dodgeball.
Tune: Aint No Mountain High Enough By Marvin Gaye...came on in a store yesterday. I browsed a few extra minutes just to rock out.
Accomplishment: Finding an awesome neon outfit for Saturday.
Obsessions: Cold Stone. Special mid week treat yesterday.

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