Monday, May 28, 2012

Fancy Pants

Saturday night we took out our fancy pants, added a dollop of extra make-up, and got ready for a swanky night out. A friend, who works at XEX bar in Tokyo, invited us to participate in a champagne night they were having. We paid our 5000 yen, and essentially had MOET on tap all night. At 42 floors up, XEX is hands down the sexiest bar I've even been to.

[1] XEX
[2] Kate & Debs
[3] Debs and her dancy dress
[4] Kate and her dancy skirt
[5] Sushi dinner
[6] Tokyo Tower at 4am







Thanks again for everything, Aldo and Sienna!

Fancy Skirt,

[The Latest]

Must Read: Post Secret Solder`s Secrets...from Post Secret...Happy Memorial Day!
Google Search: iphone covers.
Tune: Titanium By David Guetta.
Accomplishment: Finishing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.
Obsessions:  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series. 

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  1. you girls look so cute! LOVE the yellow leather skirt!



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