Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eclipse Rules

For those of you who were lucky enough to get to see the solar eclipse today, how cool was that?! I don't know what the build up for the eclipse was like in other countries, but I can tell you that Japan had its residents prepared and excited weeks in advance. Our city hall had a huge slide show of how to properly watch the eclipse.

How to properly watch the eclipse.
I don't think you need to understand the language
to know what this is telling you.
How not to watch the eclipse.
Can you even see through a CD?
The nifty shades were for sale just about everywhere and cost upwards of 10 bucks. Does that seem expensive to anyone else? The eclipse passed over us at about 7:30 this morning and most of the students, and residents, diligently stood outside to observe this unique natural happening.

Japan Viewing Times.
Of the two dots the red line passes over...
I live right next to the top/Tokyo one.
It was a pretty awesome spectacle, made even more so since it won't be coming around again in our lifetime.
Pretty nifty.

Earth, Moon, Sun, 

P.S. Even google got in on the action.
In case you didn't see their home page today...

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Must Read: Starbucks 31-oz `Trenta` Cup Size Set for Debut ...from Reuters.
Is this for real?!!
Google Search: Starbucks 31oz drink.
Tune: Dutty Love By Don Omar
Accomplishment: Spending the majority of my weekend outside in the sun.
Obsessions: Lotion that adds a touch of a tan.

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