Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Journals of Conversation

Talking to my students can either be largely successful, or end in complete misunderstanding. Often times they are excited to see me, and I them, but verbal communication can only go so far. As most ALTs will tell you, the students are much better at reading and writing, than they are at speaking. So, in combining all their strengths, I came up with the idea of conversation journals. And pushed the idea, as delicately as possible, until it happened. 

One of the teachers has made it mandatory in his class. The day I come into their class, is the day they read my response and write back. The kids love it! The idea has gone over so well that a few of the other teachers have made it optional for their students, and quite a few students have taken to the idea. 
It's so much fun to have real, original conversations, 
with my students on a more personal level!

The Writing's in the Journal,

[The Latest]

Must Read: TV Remote Control Inventor Dies...from BBC.
Google Search: ESL Adult Conversation Topics.
Tune: Dutty Love By Don Omar. Again.
Accomplishment: Making a great dinner last night.
Obsessions: Conbini Starbucks Coffees.

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