Monday, March 12, 2012

For You Dad

Last week, I got the call that I knew was inevitable. My father lost his battle to cancer. I have been home in Redondo for about a week now, celebrating his life and reliving great memories. I thought this public arena would be a great place to continue to share some pictures and memories of my one and only Daddio.

Marty Bohan
May 25, 1938 - March 2, 2012

Mini Marty.
My absolute favorite.
At the Helm. 
Mini Marty and Grandma Catherine.
First Communion.
Navy Days.
Daddio Marty.
No idea what my issue is. 

"Marty was always a voice of reason for me, and a down-to-earth connection that I respected. I never had a chance to have a beer with my father, but am thankful I was able to share a couple with Marty."

"I have fond memories of sailing around the Hawaiian Islands with Marty, and then have Marty drive us safely down Maui's Hana Highway. He was a tremendous person."

"Marty ,seemed like a lovely man, I only met him once since we live across the country from each other,I really enjoyed his company, he made my best childhood friend very happy. To me that speaks for the man."

"Marty was a great friend while serving on the USS Des Moines. One thing I remember about him, I never saw him get excited about any problems that came up. He was always cool. I tried to find him for a long time. I did not know he ended up in Ca. I was really glad to see him at the Des Moines reunion. He was one of the best.God will bless him."

"Goodbye to a great friend, relative and the nicest of men. We remember your hospitality and your help with the "hurricane" wedding, despite having to endure cold showers and no electricity. We especially remember the cruises we took together, where we "sang with Sammy," walked on a glacier and you learned napkin folding. Finally, that evening in Santa Monica where you surprised us all with your break dancing! You are missed very much."

"No finer man did we know than Marty. Kind, gentle, with integrity and a great sense of humor. May you find solace in the knowledge that you are loved by us. Marty's memory will live on and we will strive to live a life of honor like he did."

"I was 7, Marty was 8. Mom took me to visit him in his apartment in NYC. Marty was sitting on the floor of his living room with all the pieces of a radio apart on the floor in front of him. When I told him that story last month, he said, "That sounds about right". "

The funeral was beautiful, simple and touching, totally my dad's style. My mom and I couldn't have asked for anything more.  After the service we had everyone over to our home for a reception. We had the above pictures blown up and displayed around the house. We estimated that we had over 130 people in our little home and we think close to 300 in the church. I was beyond touched. Seeing my dad's cousins, people he worked with, stood on the sidelines of my soccer games with, met long before he was married or a father, was so amazing. Sometimes I think we all forget that our parents were people before they were our parents.

There were plenty of tears at the service, but the reception, for all intents and purposes, was a party. And a good one at that. Tons of food, people from all chapters of my dad's life, and laughter and chatter throughout the house.

Kate, Mini Marty and Eileen.
We had the cut out in the bathroom, a little mid-tinkle surprise!
A moment with Charles.

 What I thought was going to be one of the most difficult days of my life, turned out to be one of the most touching and amazing. I miss my dad tremendously. However, seeing the sheer love, kindness and selflessness of those around my mom and I, blew me away. That alone brought me to tears. 
Thank you all so much for your love and support. 

Always Marty's Daughter, 

P.S. Read more about Marty here.

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  1. Very touching! The pictures are darling!!! I'm so thankful to have known your dad and to have you and your mom in my life. xoxo

  2. Very lovely Kate,the last photo is a fave of dad & daughter. I agree with Tori the Bohan family is loved for good reason.:)

  3. Sweet Kate... We wish we could have made the trip down to be with you and your mom. You were ALL in our thoughts and prayers, as you have been for quite a long time. The photos are great, but I am quite fond of the last one of you and your dad. This is almost exactly as you looked at our wedding in Santa Cruz in 1989... Oh my gosh, but time does fly. (...Aunt Pat looks good! How's her mouth and jaw? I haven't called because I didn't know if she was up to gabbing yet.)



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