Monday, March 26, 2012

San Francisco, I Adore You

I had the most amazing few days in San Francisco this past weekend, as soon as I walked off the plane I was reminded how much I love this city. 
I love the diversity, the food, the architecture, the umpteen different cultures, the four or five different languages you can hear within a span of only a few minutes, the fact that you can ask just about any resident of San Francisco and they will instantly tell you how much they love the city. I love the fact that no one really cares that a pigeon walked into the cafe, the man next to you on the corner reeks of weed, the two guys in front of Sketchers downtown are making out, or that Tommy from "Tree Trex" just got on the bus with a boa constrictor in a tupperware container to take it to its new home.
All of which I witnessed in the span of 48 hours. 
Live and let live. 
It's a marvelous concept.

Dear San Francisco, 
Thank you for an amazing weekend with old friends, old hangouts and new memories. Here are a few of the reasons I will keep visiting, despite our long distance relationship.

I love you for...

...your cafes.

...your random sidewalk art.

...your bookstores.

...your spontaneous bands.

...providing me with a beautiful street to live on.

...amazing views.

...great coffee.

...not judging me when I eat wine, bread and
cheese for dinner with my old roomies. 

Which happens more often then we'd like to admit.

...beautiful lattes from my neighborhood cafe.

...Golden Gate park.
...providing me higher education in a great city. people a voice.

...great architecture.

...embracing all cultures. art.

...being consistently photogenic.

...great restaurants and great wine.

...darling candy shops.

Thank you again city by the bay.

I left my heart in San Francisco, 

[The Latest]

Google Search: SF MoMA hours.
Tune: Some Nights By FUN.
Accomplishment: Making good use of my time in the city.
Obsessions: San Francisco. Hope you picked up on that one from this post.


  1. awwwhhhh- great post and great pics! It was so much fun to see you. It almost felt like no time had passed. Saera

  2. KB Fine photos & looks like a good visit. Love Ya C

  3. you summed this beautiful city up perfectly. miss you, friend! xoxo, kellyne :)



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