Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 Year, 1 Week and 2 Days

I realized I didn't mention this at all in the past few posts, but that in no way means I forgot.
March 11 was the one year anniversary of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami.
The country has come a long way, but still has a long way to go. 
Just keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
That is all I ask.

Ganbatte Nippon!

Check out this amazingly powerful video.

Also, check out this video that my friend and fellow JET, Oana, made after her volunteer trip to help clean up post tsunami and earthquake.

Shaken but not Stirred, 

P.S. Oana was also part of the group I went to India with and made this video of our trip there. It gets me every time. She is beyond talented.

P.P.S. Read about my earthquake experience here.

[The Latest]

Google Search: JetBlue.
Tune: Cupid Shuffle By Cupid.
Accomplishment: Finding a wedding worthy skirt at Forever 21. 
Obsessions: Razzmatazz Jamba Juice.

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