Tuesday, March 27, 2012

K.Nam & K.Bo

Upon arriving in the city, I was greeted at the airport by my sister from another mister, Kristin. Our dads worked together long before we were ever in the picture. We've grown up together, celebrated major holidays together, and have taken family vacations together. We both did KUMON as kids (and hated it), as well as piano lessons, and worked as JETs. Prior to going to Japan I lived in San Francisco, post living in Japan she moved to San Francisco. 
We essentially swapped lives. 
We're pretty much identical, except that we're different races.

Kate & Kristin.
In the 24 hours we were together, we essentially just ate and toured the city.
My kind of vacation.
First we hit up Hog Island Oyster Co, in the beautiful Ferry Building. Splitting oysters and a bottle of champagne, as we toasted to my dad (her Uncle Marty) and her new job!

Ferry Building.
Cheers! Kampaii!
Happy Hour Indeed.
The gorgeous view from dinner.
Extra points for you if you knew this was the
Bay Bridge, not the Golden Gate.
Our Moms were big fans of this one.

After our first course of oysters, we headed to the Mission district of the city to Southpaw BBQ. We had delicious matching meals, consisting of a sweet tea and vodka cocktails and pulled BBQ pork sandwiches. 

Then it was off to Bi-Rite Creamery to get some ice cream to take home and enjoy. 
Late night Bi-Rite, Sex and the City and a fresh coat of nail polish 
made for a great evening in.

Morning coffee from Ritual before a few Muni rides, uphill walks, and city touring. 

Morning Fuel.

Thanks for a great few days Kristin, congrats again on the new job!

Little K,

[The Latest]

Google Search: Kaiser.
Tune: Some Nights By FUN.
Accomplishment: Running all kinds of errands this morning.
Obsessions: These little guys. Thank you Lindsey.

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