Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Journey to School

As many students across the world are starting school again this fall, I have been thinking a lot about the reasons behind schooling. What we as parents, individuals, societies and cultures hope to accomplish by sending the youngest members of our society to get educated. It fascinates me that the better part of the world agrees on this concept of schooling. One of the few things we seem to have in common. While the daily routine will undoubtably differ between countries and cultures, we all seem to have this innate need for education, and simply put I think that is pretty neat. 

I came across this article the other day that shows kids in various countries and the treks they make to school. The photos just melted my heart. As someone who believes in education equality, seeing people working so hard to make it to their classrooms made me smile, while the flip side of that was a hearty reminder of just how easy some of us have it. 

The link is here if you'd like to see. 


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