Thursday, October 16, 2014

LA Grand Central Market

A few weekends ago, Kiana and I made our way downtown to LA's Grand Central Market. 
The market consists of booths with authentic food from all over the world, just my kind of place.We arrived with empty stomachs and plenty of cash. After taking in the sights and sounds, we settled on Thai food (my all time favorite). We piled ourselves onto on of the little stools and enjoyed our curry while we discussed what was next on the menu.

The rest of our morning went something like this...
-coffee to go as we walked through downtown on our way to Bodega Louie's.
-a box each of the most beautiful macaroons ever from BL. 
-back to the market to buy a pizza to go.
-Cowgirl creamery cheese to go.
-staring at the ice cream place kicking ourselves that we didn't have room.

Fat and happy, 

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