Sunday, September 19, 2010


From when I first signed up to do JET, and they explained to us this Japanese tradition, I was excited about my first enkai! An enkai (en-kai) is a literal drinking party that is organized usually after some big event. For instance after sports day.

Here are the enkai rules. From what I can gather, it is office members only, it is a time to let loose and say how you really feel, something NOT done at the office. The office, in my case, partied harder than I did, and the biggest rule of them all. When you go back to work on Monday, you are not to speak about it. You take whatever you saw, be it the principal throwing up in the alley (which didn't happen at mine, but at a friend's) and you put it in your mental waste basket. End of story.

Namiko and I, one of my JTEs. She is probably my favorite person in the office,
pretty much me but Japanese.
On the right is one of the math teachers, across from me is Ysu, a PE teacher
and next to me is the office manager. 

During the evening, Namiko leaned over and told me that this is also serving as a semi-welcome party for me and would I mind saying something. I said sure, so I finished a beer and asked her to translate. I stood up and they all cheered, haha oh god. Then they started shouting "Hero! Fast! Cute!" My run in the relay has now been added to list of compliments I now receive, I NEED AN EGO CHECK!!!

I started off in Japanese with "Good Evening!" and they all roared with applause, and when Namiko translated that just for the hell of it, they pretty much fell off their chairs with laughter. God they're presh. I went on to thank them so much for being so kind to me and being so patient with me as I learn Japanese, and I finally congratulated them on a successful sports day! And after every phrase they roared with applause. Too cute.

That's pretty much all the detail I can give, but I seriously had SOOOO much fun! It was great to see a fun, lose side to everyone, I LOVE the people I work with, they are such a good time! And with great food and drinks we couldn't lose. I can't wait for the next one! Supposedly there is chorus festival in October and I'm hoping they're thinking that could be round two.



  1. Keito: Oh God dose that mean you will have to sing?????????? Is all of Japan ready for this? well look forward the follow up Enki love ya

  2. Kate...BARE SHOULDERS?! Hahah jk jk ;) I love those enkais! The best part is that we can hold our alcohol MUCH better than they can, so you get to see all the foolishness from a semi-sober state. Oh joy :)



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