Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Bright Side

I feel like my last few posts have, while very real, been rather depressing. While this trip home consisted of avoiding aftershocks and radiation, embracing doctor's appointments, a trip to the ER and countless hours in hospitals, their were definitely some fun times. Let's look on the bright side for a sec shall we?

My 6 week trip home to little Redondo was amazing. Shockingly very "LA". Mostly courtesy of my friends' super cool jobs. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here you go! Enjoy!
Ave C, Redondo Beach, CA

How I spent my time at home...

Taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
[CBS Studios]

The taping was great, all VIP courtesy of super cool Claire and her nifty job, the guest was Tina Fey. She is currently pregnant and precious. Kiana and I had a GRAND time, THANKS CLAIRE!!!
Damn LA traffic.
Tina Fey then sushi with the lovely Kiana.

Chuckles and I spent a few bonding moments. 
[Dog Park]

This is how he says 'please'.

A trip to see Tori at work.
[FOX Studios]
Any town Pico.
BONES coffee house hangout

Beach Workout.
[Redondo Beach]

Cocktail Hour.
[Manhattan Beach]

Dodger Game.
[Dodger Stadium]

Such a fun day with Diana and her family. 
Thank you Jenkins!

RIO Premiere.
[Grauman's Chinese Theatre]
Saw the LA's red carpet premiere of the latest animated movie, RIO, this one courtesy of Tori's super cool job. The movie was darling, highly recommended. Then is was time for drinks and dinner with our families.

Lauren's Spring Break.
[Palm Desert]

First Friday's in Venice.

Gourmet food truck heaven.

Kimchi Quesedilla.

Beach Day.
[Manhattan Beach]

Painting My Families Condo
[Redondo Beach]
 Enlisted the help of Tori for this endeavor, promising her Subway and a trip to the pool, all while my dad acted as project manager.

Turtle Races at Brennan's.
[Marina Del Rey]
As we were leaving my Mom and Carol started reliving their days there...
it was too much.

Far Bar.
[Little Tokyo]

Bringing even more Japan to LA's Little Tokyo.

Easter Sunday.
[Salinas Home]

It's always good to go home,

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  1. Kate,
    Nice pictures and good to know you had a fun time at home despite of your father's current condition.
    Hoping Japan's current situation will get better soon but reading through the media, it will take for some time. Take care and we miss you here. Looking forward to see your next update.
    Love, Mariko and family



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