Monday, June 17, 2013

Right Now

I have six weeks left in Japan. Five in my apartment. Four at school.

In an effort to capture the moment, like I did back here,
I'm listing a few fun facts about my day to day life...

-Summers in Japan suck.
-The Co-op has the best flowers.
-The Tobu store now sells tortillas!
-I absolutely adore Miyu in class 1-3.
-My friend at Starbucks' name is Yuki.
-Love the light that pours into my room in the morning. 
-I've weened myself off Facebook and on to The Guardian.
-I love that the teachers I'm close with call me Keito-chan.
-Since my arrival, I'm proud to say, I have never worn a scrunchy. 
-I have worn my grey wind breaker every day since I purchased it.
-Pasta with veggies has been my go to meal for the past few weeks.
-The crossing guard I chat with every morning is going to Turkey next week.
-Jessica comes to visit this weekend and I'm over the moon excited for her arrival!
-My favorite word in the Japanese language is sasuga.
-My least favorite word is Irasshaimase. More the way it's screeched as a welcome to every establishment than the word itself. 
-My purse can rest on the back of my chair in a restaurant without any concern it will get stolen.
-8 tracks in constantly playing in my apartment and I have compiled an excellent list of tunes for my summer playlist.
-Without thinking, I will join the crosswalks as they make their 'pew pew' noise signally to visually impaired people that it is time to cross. 
-I quite enjoy flipping my name plate to white to show my attendance when I walk into school. I enjoy it even more when I flip it to red to show that I'm leaving. :)
-I love running around our shaded little lake, pausing to look at the turtles and getting a nod of approval from another runner in the park.
-I love it even more when I go running on Saturday mornings and the group of eight, 70 year old men sipping their canned coffee and chatting, cheer me on as I circle the lake and run the stairs. They may be my biggest fans. 
-Takahashi in class 1-6 learned the word 'poo' and while the child is terrible at English, he can form perfect, complete, sentences with the word 'poo'. I will poo. This morning I went poo. Do you poo? Yesterday, he shared with me that 'pee' and 'homeless' have been added to his growing list of 'vocabulary words not taught in textbook.'

Here and Now, 

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