Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Veggie Pasta

I have made a batch of this once a week for the past few weeks, dividing it up to create four or five lunches. It's quick, healthy, colorful, and works served hot or cold.
I whipped some up last night and took a few pics throughout the process.
*I apologize for the poor picture quality. 

I sauteed some garlic and pepper in olive oil, while I boiled pasta.

I chopped up a few of my favorite veggies.
Asparagus, bell pepper, eggplant, mushrooms.
I also added almond slivers and a few pieces of salami that were on their way out. 

Added a touch more olive oil and sauteed the veggies in the pan for a bit to let all the flavors come together. When the pasta was done I threw it in and cooked it for a few more minutes just to make sure the flavor dispersed evenly. 

Bon Appetit!

Veggie and Carbo Loaded, 

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  1. KB looks good to me I grab a spot a bread & be right over! love Ya



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