Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Conversation Journals

Responded to a fresh batch of questions this week. 
The kids recently learned the key words up, on, near, under and in. To practice using them in sentences they spent most of the class describing a picture of a bedroom on a worksheet to their partner.
Is there a desk near the window? Is there a cat under the bed? 
At the end of the class, when it came time for conversation journals, the teacher asked them to "try to imagine Keito Sensei's room in America and ask her a question about it". 
Keep that in mind as you read through these, especially the last one. 

Gorilla on my desk? Obviously.
True story. 
Charlie has some serious celebrity status with these kids.
She knew one of the words had double letters...
How well this child knows me.
Seemed like a logical response to his question.
Star student.
This kid basically wrote out a Japanese sentence in English letters which made me laugh.
McDonald's really is synonymous with America. 


  1. Hah! That last one is a gem.

  2. Last ? rather to the point, like how you moven on & corrected the sentence! Love Ya



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