Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sayonara Speech

I have one more full we week of school, but today we had a school-wide assembly so it was decided that I would give my sayonara speech then. After writing the little speech in English and getting it checked and translated by a few of my favorite Japanese all-stars, I practiced a bit last night. I really wanted to nail the pronunciation and inflection. 
And I am proud to say, I did.
Despite the fact that I was nauseatingly nervous. 

All morning, in between the classes I was teaching with Keima, I was repeating the few words I was struggling to pronounce. At the top of that list was, wasurerarenai, which means do not forget. My kids knew I was leaving, but they did not know I was giving a speech today. A few of my favorite 1st-year girls joked with me this morning, repeating the word back to me and most likely wondering why I was saying it so many times. After the speech they came up to me, hands clasp together, they travel as a unit, giggly, clearly new BFFs, and said, 
"Keito Senseiiiiiii, wasurerarenai! hahahaha. wasurerarenai!wasurerarenai!wasurerarenai!"

Between those two and the beautiful flowers I received post speech it has been an absolutely wonderful Friday.
Oh GoChuu, you are going to be so hard to leave. 


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  1. KB what is Wasurerarenai, love your photo & flowers. Love Ya Lady



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