Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of School #tbt

With this week marking the first day of school for many students, I found myself looking through old photos from my student-era. I came across these winning pics taken the first day of my last year of undergrad. 

Which just so happens to be exactly six years ago today. 

I took these pictures with my then roommates, Jade and Jessica.
We emailed them to our parents who chuckled, then proceeded to ask us where the time had gone.
As if we knew.

I remember chatting with the girls the night before school as we assembled IKEA furniture, swapping summer stories while we cursed the IKEA "directions". 

And because I don't know where Jessica's picture is, here she is with Kendra assembling IKEA furniture.

Fast forward to now. 

 In just six short years, there have been so many milestones and things to celebrate since these photos were taken.

Jobs with salaries and benefits have been acquired.
Marathons and half-marathons have been run.
Undergrad and Graduate degrees finished.
Jessica and Jade have each gotten married. 
Countless countries visited and lived in. 
Career paths have been created.
Teaching credentials finalized.
Cars have been purchased.

Knowing all that we have accomplished while maintaing our friendship, makes me just so proud of us.

It gives me so much hope as I see the local kids walking to school.
I am so excited for the paths their friendships will take, and the milestones they will celebrate right alongside their current pint sized partners. 

Roomie 2008 Christmas Card

Then and Now, 

The Latest...

Google Search
Gardening in the dark with my Mom. 
Don't ask. 


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  1. Aww this is the sweetest, Kate :) And Itchy Feet is the best! - Megan



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