Thursday, October 11, 2012

How English Sounds to Foreigners

Sometimes I forget that I live in a land where I don't speak the language. 
That is until I go back to the states. 
I remember going back to the US for the first time after living in Japan for almost a year, and within the first few days I was purely exhausted. Being able to eaves drop on every conversation was too much for my little brain. With Japanese I can pretty much pick and choose if I want to listen in on someone's conversation, but with English I can't help it. I can't not listen. It is quite an interesting phenomenon and it came up in conversation the other day.

We started talking about other languages, and how without any understanding, languages really are just sounds put together. Which led us to wonder what English sounds like to non-native speakers. I had heard someone mention that there was a short film demonstrating just that. 
I came across it the other day and wanted to share.  
It's pretty amazing.

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