Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tokyo to Los Angeles...

...and back again.
Recently booked my tickets home for Christmas, and I can hardly wait!
Which got me thinking, how lucky I am to feel so at ease in such completely different environments.
I am one fortunate young lady.

Some awesome shots of my two big hometown cities. 

"More than any other city, Tokyo demonstrates that `city` is  a verb and not a noun." 
-Mori Toshiko, Tokyolife Art and Design

[Los Angeles]
“That wasn't Josh Hartnett; that kid was eighteen years old," Kate said.
I told you, they age slower out here. It's all the fresh California air," Val replied.
Yes, because that's exactly what Los Angeles is known for," Kate said dryly. "Clean air.”  

[The Latest]

Google Search: UNICEF.  
Tune: Madness By Muse.
Accomplishment: Making super cute Halloween decorations.
Obsessions: Fix-it! App.

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