Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Norm For Me, A Chuckle For You 5

One slow Saturday, Debs and I headed to the Chiba New Town shopping center to check it out. The day consisted of looking for shoes for Debs, which didn't happen because most stores in Japan don't have any sizes past a US 9. We spent the rest of the time eating, eating, and eating some more (lunch, ice cream, coffee), we hung out in LUSH, made our way to a home furnishing store where we mentally designed our future living rooms, and then our time at Chiba New Town ended with a trip to the bookstore. 

Somehow we ended up in the children's section and decided we should see if we could read one of the books. I opted for one I knew, everyone's favorite, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Debs settled on some ghost book, one of those ones made out of thick cardboard, the kind that welcomes kids to drool all over it.
We thought it would be a no brainier.
We instantly took out our phones to start translating words.

The contrast of our giant frames jammed into the kiddy chairs, with a drool proof book, and google translate out, was almost too much. We started giggling. A lot.

When the ghost book proved too tough for the both of us, Debs got up, I continued to read about what the caterpillar ate on Monday. Debs walked back over and silently stood in front of me, with a smile that said she was up to no good.
She smiled again.
"My book just blew your book out of the water!"
She had found The Very Hungry Caterpillar...the pop-up book.

And if you must see, here is a video...

"And then he had a stomach ache,"

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