Thursday, April 25, 2013

After School Snack

The weather over here has finally committed to spring. Well kinda. These days, it seems every morning warrants a peak out the front door to see if I'll need my winter jacket and UGGs for my bike ride to school, or sunglasses and sandals. Let me tell you, it's getting really old. Yesterday after school it was as beautiful as ever, so Kim and I decided to take a walk to enjoy the flowers and fresh air. A walk which came about only because I was craving my first ice cream of the year in the clear afternoon sky. 

Flowers and Ice Cream,

[The Latest]

Google Search: Pomegranate in Japanese.
Tune: Best Day of My Life By American Authors. 
Accomplishment: Getting some paperwork organized.
Obsessions: A new ice cream cone I discovered at the store. 

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