Monday, April 8, 2013

Thoughts Today

I was having one of those post-vacation days today. You know the ones, where the daily routine just seems extra mundane, and time comes to a screeching halt? 
Which then kind of led to a post-vacation blues only made worse by the fact that I now have allergies (?!) and that I need to make sure I pay bills/my credit card/rent today and oh by the way I will be leaving Japan in only a few months and I am not totally mentally ready and I don't have a job lined up because I need to apply for this job I really want but can't quite figure out what to write for the essay and I need to do my dishes and maybe start thinking about what else I can send home...and all I really wanna do...
is color. 

Then I saw the below quote on this lovely blog I was reading today, and it just made me smile.

"and this unexpected extra time in which to be young. and to make all the many mistakes that turn youth to something else.
the natural progression of life. 
how winter always turns to spring. "

Isn't that great?!

Springin along, 
                                                                           [The Latest]

and if that didn't make you chuckle, this certainly will.


  1. Loved your blog and do remember the always sets but rises again.......... Mom
    Carol says just color.



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