Monday, April 15, 2013

Hong Kong I

For the last few days of my spring break, I flew to Hong Kong for a lovely 4 night, 5 day visit. No one else was free to go with me, so from the get go I had planned to go alone. I chose to stay at Check Inn HK in centrally located Wan Chi, and highly recommend it! With my flight and hostel booked, I had done some research and was ready to play tourist on my own. I asked my friend, and fellow JET, Kris for a few recommendations. Kris a UK native, had spent one year at Hong Kong University as an exchange student, and has regaled me with stories of Hong Kong's fabulousness since I met him.  

Low and behold, about a week before my departure Kris got on board the Hong Kong plan and somehow managed to get in the same hostel. Upon arrival he became my personal tour guide the entire time I was there. 
It was great. 

I have quite a few pics so I am going to split them over two posts. 
In no particular order, here is Hong Kong round one

HK 1,

[The Latest]

Sending my love to the Boston victims and their families. 

Click here for the marathon person finder website.
Click here for ways to help. 

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