Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Simple Pleasures

Last weekend was the first time this year that included happy hour drinks outside, followed by a long leisurely dinner with Sayaka and a shared bottle of wine. Over dinner, I looked at all our food and drink and my good company, and I smiled. 
"This is one of my most favorite things in life," I said. 
"Nooo. Well...yes, but no. Long dinners with good food and a bottle of wine. Love."
Which led to a fun discussion of a few of our most fave things in life. 

Here is what I came up with...
pancake breakfasts
live music
eating outside
a great quote
exploring a new city, ipod plugged in
a new coat of nail polish
buying a plane ticket
a new bathing suit
a cool photograph
going back to bed when you realize you're awake before your alarm
the moment you receive your scoop of ice cream from the man behind the counter
coming back from a run
crawling into bed when it's raining
fresh flowers
a nice candle
a new episode of new girl
checking off something on my todo list
early morning latte with any foam design
an act of kindness
wet hair
finishing a book
getting anything in the mail
late night frozen yogurt runs
anything beach related
an empty email inbox
tan lines

Would love to hear what little things in life make you smile!


[The Latest]

Must Read: Gary Winogrand's Photos...The Guardian.
Google Search: David Karp.
Tune: Strawberry Swing By Coldplay. 
Accomplishment: A mini workout before school. 
Obsessions: Heads Up! App.

1 comment:

  1. Your list of little pleasures brings a smile to my face, If I may add a few = an act of kindness given or received, shared conversation, a well iced Arnold Palmer, perfect quiet, a cool breeze on a warm day,that perfect hair cut, showered & shave on clean sheets, love ya



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