Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have been in Japan 1 year and 2.5 months and I would say that just about everything around me is comfortably familiar. Thus making it harder and harder for me to think of topics to blog about. In trying to remedy this form of writers block, I went back and was reading some of my past blogs.

I was shocked to see how much my vibe has changed from first arriving in Japan. Even more shocked to see how obvious the change was. In my first few posts I had used explanation points, multiple in fact, at the end of every sentence. Making it clear that I was ever so excited about everything around me.(!!!) The explanation point usage has since calmed, the writing topics have broadened, and it is clear that I am completely comfortable with myself and my life, here in the land of the rising sun. I have grown up quite a bit in these past 14.5 months.

The other day as I was walking around Tokyo in this beautiful fall weather that I'm obsessed with, I started to look for things that I don't usually see. I started taking pictures of details, generally scoping out all the things that are so familiar to me that I haven't taken notice of.

Here are a few of the details of my life...

The feeling of being home when I reach this light.
Grocery Store Sushi.
Took this picture long ago so Ian could choose his dinner.
Marked by Many.
Saw it in Shibuya, Tokyo and just liked it.
Pizza. REAL pizza.
Surprise Summer Downpours.
Gotta love the bike ride home on those days.
Constant omiyage (little gifts/souvenirs) from other teachers.
These are caramel from Yokohama.
White here, red absent, half means left but returning.
Welcome to Kamagaya.
Monday afternoon ALT meetings at City Hall.
A new coat of nail polish.
My Name Tag.
Only worn when important people come.
Kyoushoku, School Lunch.
This was a good day.
My Bike Key.
Seems small and insignificant until you can`t find it in your purse right away
and you realize the level of panic that sets in.
Population of Kamagaya.
Total, Men, Women
My Desk.
The Textbook.
This is my favorite chapter by far.
Outside Tokyo Main Station.
Daily Schedule.
It`s amazing how much more I can understand compared to last year.
Crossing Guard.
I say Good Morning to him everyday, makes me smile.
He also happens to be the grandfather of one of my students,
and he is usually all smiles but got serious for the camera.
The ability the Japanese people have to fall asleep at a moment`s notice is unreal.
Mini Shinks.
Mini shinkansens as Happy Meal toys. Amazing.
Train Rides.
Oh, and the ability to drink wherever and whenever,
making the ride to the club significantly more enjoyable. 

Lookin at the little things, 

[The Latest]

Must Read: Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
The book has been out for awhile, but I realized that I never finished it and picked it up again. Chapters just long enough for my train rides.
Google search: features of the itunes update
Tune: Baby Got Back By Sir Mixalot
I don't know the last time you listened to it, but it's a classic for a reason. It came on the other day as I was getting ready for the day and caused a smile that lasted well after I left the house.
Accomplishment: get back into a workout routine, branching out a the grocery store, just talked so much with the class I ate lunch with, none of us really finished our food. That`s big for them, so proud of them.
Obsessions: South Korea v Japan 2002 Vintage World Cup sweatshirt, oreo/coffee flavored blendy stick, Pinterest 

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