Monday, October 17, 2011

Falling into Autumn

I love fall.

I have made that rather well known to anyone and everyone who is around me as of lately. The other day one of my guy friends said to me, `Is that a girl thing? Your love of fall? I feel like every girl I know loves fall.`

Let's be honest. What girl doesn't love candles, wine, a nice dinner and a movie, and maybe, just maybe someone to share it with. That doubled with weather encouraging that very scenario is almost too good to be true. Then their is fall fashion. As a southern California child, I am loving the seasons and enjoying it even more by showing off my personality through boots and scarves. Seasonal clothing is still something I'm getting used to.

Yesterday, Monday, I had a slow day at work as all the students had midterm exams all day. I was left to sit at my desk and entertain myself. Given that I don't have to lesson plan, as I am not teaching elementary school anymore, I had little to do but play online. Something I think anyone from my generation is remarkably good at. I started looking at all things fall; clothes, crafts, recipes. And decided that after school I would go and try to `fallify` my apartment. More difficult than you might think living in Japan.

Everywhere had kitschy Halloween stuff, but I didn't want that. I wanted generic, classic fall things that could last well past Halloween, through November. And let's all remember that I won't be living here forever, so I wanted to spend as little money as possible and buy stuff that I wouldn't feel guilty throwing away in a few months. Surprisingly I found a few pumpkins and a cheap vine of flowers to accent my home with this lovely season.

I have passed the first few weekends of this lovely season by traveling to Tokyo and exploring. Just wanting to be out in the weather, walking around with my coffee. It really is the simple things in life.

Loving Starbucks flavoring, Hazelnut especially
I get excited when they come to town
Persimmon is kaki in Japanese, just so you know
Make your own Jack-O-Lantern!
Ya there`s an app for that
Starbucks apple crumble latte.
Not sure if it`s just a Japan thing, but it is definitely apple pie in a cup.


[The Latest]

Google search: Fall things
Tune: Don`t Let Me Fall By Lenka
Accomplishment: get back into a workout routine, branching out a the grocery store
Obsessions: 79yen milk frother from IKEA, plastic desk cover from IKEA that is now decorated with pictures underneath, my new fall apartment decos, persimmons

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