Monday, October 24, 2011

Fallin Around

This past weekend, in another effort to soak up every ounce of autumn, I headed to Shinjuku Gyoen with my friend Jeff to explore. A newbie to Japan, I am ridding on the coattails of Jeff's excitement and eagerness to explore this beautiful country to discover a few new things for myself.

[Shinjuku Gyoen]

Still sending you love Dad...

After the park it was off to eat dinner and check out the Halloween costume situation. Japan doesn`t do Halloween per say. There is Halloween crap to buy everywhere, but when it comes to trick or treating and Jack-O-Lantern making, it just doesn't happen. During the costume hunt, we saw a carving size appropriate pumpkin for ¥3000 or $40. We passed. Then we saw a Darth Vader costume that Jeff got excited about, but that too was a no go when we saw that it was over $100, and either way we ran the risk of it not fitting his 6 foot frame. So we have reverted to the old school way of doing things, which is to create it ourselves. The Darth Vader mask is the killer, but we will see!

Loving the season, 

[The Latest]

Must Read: Darrell Hammond Abuse from CNN
Poor guy. I had no idea.
Google search: How to make your own Darth Vader costume
Tune: Pumped Up Kicks By Foster the People
Accomplishment: an excellent chicken salad for dinner, reading and understanding an entire paragraph in Japanese
Obsessions: hourly weather with the new itunes update, Halloween things, homemade popcorn

Visual aid of my latest accomplishment.

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