Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sing it Out

Every year, GoChuu has a chorus contest. The students are competing with their homeroom class against all the other homeroom classes. Four trophies are awarded, best in grade, one for each of the three grades, and best overall. The kids come in early and stay late, logging hours and hours of practice. Each class sings two songs: one that is pre-selected by the school, and the other the students' choose.

The contest takes half a day, which is fun and different and a nice change of pace. Parents and other family members come to watch, support and of course, video tape. The kids love it, and did an awesome job. I enjoyed the music of course, but I would be lying if I said that is my favorite part. 

My favorite part comes at the very end. After everyone has sang, and they have given it all they've got, we have a 15 minute break and wait for the results. This year they got creative, and to announce the winners a clip of the winning class' performance was played. There are a few tense moments of silence while everyone tries to piece together which class we're listening to. Then there is a scream of recognition and the tears begin to flow. And flow. And flow. Tears and sobs, happy and sad, from boys and girls, come from every corner of the gym.

For whatever reason I think it's hysterical. These kids have sat so still, in silence for the past four hours and it's as though some one said, "Ok...REACT!" and so they do.

Wishin and Hopin...
Hopin and prayin...
...and crying.
These are happy tears believe it or not.
This class won best overall. 
Award Presentations
Admiring all their hard work.
I love how they are looking at  the trophy;
you can see they wanted it. 

Fa La La, 

[The Latest]

Must Read: The Truth About Santa ---too cute!
Google Search: Yokohama Ferris Wheel
Tune: Harder By Kevin Miso
Accomplishment: touring Yokohama like a pro, remembering to take lots of pictures
Obsessions: new brown levi jeans, hazelnut candle, splurged and bought Tropicana brand apple juice and discovered it`s way better than the Japanese brand

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