Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Contemporary Art

This week, the students are finished with school at one o`clock, while the teachers have to stay and work on report cards. I fall somewhere in between teacher and student, and when I found out this week's schedule, I was curious as to how it was going to effect me. My Kyoto Sensei (vice principal) came over to tell me that, if I wanted, I could leave at one as well, though I would be using my nenkyuu (paid vacation time). I weighed my options and decided to take the time off, otherwise I would literally be sitting at my desk until four. So all week I am done at one! It's a lovely change of pace and I have decided to make the most of my hours off, creating half a day ahead of me to explore.

So, yesterday I walked off campus with the kids, and headed home. Grabbed my umbrella, and after a quick change of clothes was off to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I had been once last year and loved it. About a 30 min train ride away, the building itself is nestled among the autumn colored trees. It started to rain during the 10 minute walk to the museum, but with my umbrella and ipod I hardly noticed. Once inside, the rain made my few hours there that much more cozy.

Free umbrella locker. Genius.
Rainy Tuesday Afternoon
Soil Sample Art

One of my Faves
One of my permanent faves,
strung from the ceiling continually welcoming guests

Outside the Cafe
Cozy Thai Cafe


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Google search: Tokyo Parks
Accomplishment: decorating for Christmas, exploring new parts of Tokyo
Obsessions: The Holiday, Glee Christmas Album

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