Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Headed Home

This Saturday I will be headed back to LA to spend the holidays with family and friends. I am especially looking forward to it as last year I was in India, where it felt like the holidays never happened. I`m excited to play catch up on Christmas, New Years and my birthday.

My mom emailed me to ask me if their was any food I wanted in the house when I got there, I made the mature request for Frosted Mini Wheats and cinnamon rolls. Then I started thinking about all the other reasons I am excited to go home, and came up with quite a list.

Here are a few...


Runs along the strand.
This guy.
The word `HEY!` rather than `Hello`.

You have no idea how much you miss it till it`s gone.
That was actually a sincere statement.
My mom even said I could have the middle one.

These two.
El Burrito Jr. A Redondo Beach legend.
Jamba Juice.
These 6, as well as my actual Friends.

Coffee Bean`s Ice Blended.
Need I say more.


Homeward Bound,

[The Latest]

Must Read: Paris Jackson on her Father Michael---an interview with little Paris
Google Search: how to make a warm compress...I just couldn't warm up when I got home
Accomplishment: a successful final Japanese class for this term
Obsessions: my Christmas tree candle, eggs and green tabasco sauce

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