Monday, December 5, 2011

Fresh Faced

I was cleaning my apartment the other day and started to realize just how much stuff I have. Not only that, but how much stuff I have that I appear to be saving for a special occasion, which let's be real, really means it won't ever get used. So, I decided to make a conscious effort to use what I have in my house before buying more. Not sure why I took almost 25 years to come to this seemingly obvious revelation, but better late than never.

I went around taking lotions, shampoos, socks and other `special items` out from their safety spots, and put them in a more obvious and easily accessible location.

One of the major things I was determined to use, though it would take some effort, was the lot of face creams I won along with the title of Parade Queen back in March. The massive cellophane bag contains about 8 bottles of face cream, valued at over $800. It is all in Japanese of course, so before Maya left in the summer I had her come over and tell me what each one did. I put post-its on each box and numbered each bottle with a permanent marker. Then put them back in the bag and back in my closet. No way do I have time to use 8 bottles of anything every night.

But in my recent effort to use what`s in my house, I dragged them out last week, set them up and have been making myself use them daily. The first night I washed my face with all 8, I ran to the mirror to see if I looked different. I did not. Not sure what I was expecting, but since I essentially just rubbed my face with a 100 bucks I thought something magical might happen.

I am determined to use them consistently at least until I go home for Christmas which is in two weeks.
We'll see!

Putting my freshest face forward,

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Must Read: Not so much reading as looking, The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011
Google Search:  Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Tune: Take Over Control By Afrojack
Accomplishment: Washing my face with my 8 items daily. If this is why Japanese women have such nice skin, they`ve earned it. 
Obsessions: Christmas movies, the Love Actually soundtrack, my new super long, white, thick knitted scarf

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