Monday, January 2, 2012

A Fresh Start

I have been home about two weeks now and am throughly enjoying my time here. Making the most of all that is around me, family, friends, food and dogs alike. It has been so special to spend some quality time with friends from far and wide who have all come together for the holidays.

Things with my little life in Kamagaya were becoming rather routine, predictable and cold. I was ready for a simple chance of pace. What better way to mix it up then heading back to my roots and the warmth of Redondo. This time last year I was in India, having the experience of a lifetime. In fact I figured out that this day last year I was visiting the Taj Mahal, pretty amazing right?! Though, that fabulous trip meant that I celebrated Christmas, New Years and my birthday all in India, and to be honest it was pretty much like those holidays never happened. So I was eager to get back in the spirit with friends and family, who celebrate the holidays in the way I grew up.


To make things more special, LA has welcomed me home with beautiful weather, including a small heat wave.

We had a lovely Christmas eve eating tamales and drinking wine with some other fabulous Redondo locals. While Christmas day was spent eating, and eating, and eating with our lovely friends that have become family. My fabulous friend Tori whose family was included in our Christmas festivities, wrote an excellent blog detailing the day. Click here to read her account of the day.

I have spent most of my time at home hangin with my parents and favorite dog. But I did get a few great chances to get out and enjoy the weather and a few of my favorite people.

@ Ave C, Redondo Beach

@ Terranea, Palos Verdes
Lindsey, Megan, Lauren and Kiana
@ Naja's, Redondo Beach Pier

 [New Years Eve]

To kick off the new year I headed to the Palos Verdes Resort, Terranea, for a new years party they were throwing. We all had so much fun drinking and dancing! But before heading out we had a little Bohan photo-shoot. 

New Years Eve!
The Fam
@ home, Redondo Beach

[New Years Day]

Just like every new years day, we woke up to watch the Rose Parade with our coffee, before heading out to the best meal I'll have all year. Every year we make our way to the lovely Namimoto's house to eat, mingle and watch football. It's a grand tradition!

The Bohans, Salinas, Carol
@ The Namimoto's House

A very happy guest!
Tori, me, Kristin and Derek
@ The Namimoto's House, Torrance
My favorite meal of the year!

I have had such a great time so far and still have a week to go! Hope you all are enjoying this special time of year!

Happy New Year Everyone!


[The Latest]

Must Read: The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins
Google Search: El Gringo catering menu
Accomplishment: Getting my parents Christmas presents they enjoy
Obsessions: When Parent's Text book that I got my parents for Christmas, Happ & Stahns Perfume from Anthropologie

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