Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Birth Day

The other day, January 3 to be exact, I turned 25!


That was always the age I assigned to "real" people. I can now get into an R rated movie, vote, buy cigarettes and a lottery ticket, and porn for that matter, enlist in the military, drink, and finally, rent a car. That is officially the last thing on the, "I can't until I'm..." list.
Well, unless you count collect social security. But that seems a bit of a leep at the moment.

I had lovely mellow day of turning 25. Ran some errands, got my nails done and had a special family birthday. We figured out that on my birthday last year I was at the Taj Mahal. Awesome. We then figured out that I hadn't been at home with my parents on my actual birthday in 3 or 4 years, so this was special all the way around.

Birthday Nails.
My favorite car wash.
Birthday Dinner, pizza and beer.
Fam Bam.
It was such a special day! Having a little fiesta at my good friend's house on Friday, so I have that to look forward to before heading back to Japan on Saturday. Should be fun!


[The Latest]

Google Search: Costco Optometry 
Tune: Backstreet Boys CD...found it in my room and added it to my computer. Best decision I made all day.
Accomplishment: Getting food and decos for my party!
Obsessions: Backstreet Boys CD, Post Secret site, my sparkly nails

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