Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If You Didn't Know I Was From Southern California Before...

Big things are happening here in Kamagaya, and the surrounding Tokyo area. WEATHER! I am proud to report that last night after rain, thunder, lightening, and an earthquake, their was SNOW! It generally only snows here a few times each winter, so the excitement is shared with my fellow Kamagaya residents. Though I have to say, this little southern Californian has set the bar with her excitement level. The only other person I know on my level, is Olivia from sunny Auckland. We bonded over our infatuation with the snow.

Like the last time it snowed here, I was completely enthralled. Staring out the window watching what was once harsh rain, turned white, fluffy flakes, gently float down, covering nooks and crannies I didn't even know were there. On my bike ride to school the next day I pedaled as slow as I could, the goal being not to fall and embarrass myself. I arrived at school with both my pride and ass, un-bruised. Mission accomplished.

The day was filled with comments about the beautiful, yuki outside, and everyone checking that everyone else made it safely to school. As far as I know everyone did. Except my lovely coworker, Namiko. She slipped on the ice and bruised her tailbone and wrist.

On my bike ride home, I took out my iphone/camera, braved the cold, and took pictures of darling Kamagaya, now beautifully trimmed in white. Here are the results.

Snow People.
Always a beach kid,

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