Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today At School...

...we did stations to help the older kids review for their mid-term tomorrow. 
I created six different activities that covered the grammar and vocabulary they learned over the past two chapters. I  always create a speaking station as well, my favorite, where we all get to chat. 
In correct, complete sentences of course. 

[Reading & Writing]

This is Lauren, we call her Lo.
Homework makes Lo sad.
This is Jessica, we call her Jess.
Basketball makes Jess tired.
This is Nicholas, we call him Nick.
TV makes Nick bored.
This is Kathryn, we call her Kate.
English makes Kate happy.

Any Questions?

[The Latest]

Must Read: Seven Works Stolen from Dutch Museum...NY Times. 
Google Search: Andy Sandburg.  
Tune: Upside Down By Tori Kelly.
Accomplishment: Getting my kids to understand the directions for the speaking activity rather quickly, using only English.
Obsessions: Breaking Amish.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Homework does make Lauren sad...it means more grading for Lauren. ;)



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