Thursday, November 1, 2012

iphone phun

as of late, a few of my favorite, random photos...

tokyo sky one sunday afternoon.
halloween party silliness.
kendo attempt during our cultural bazaar.
in case you were curious, in my 3 allotted turns, i hit not only 3 balloons, but 4.
which allowed me to get 4 pieces of candy. the most for any one child person. boom.
view from the boat during our enkai on tokyo bay.
the best salad i've had in a while.
pretzels from a german bar in roppongi.
fields of freshly planted crops on my bike ride home.
grocery store flowers.
hand holding while they wait to hear the results of the chorus contest.
this class got second, but should have gotten first in my opinion. there were some tears. they knew it too.
from way back when in aomori, little sumidae stealing her mom's drink.
what a cutie!


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