Monday, November 19, 2012

Lemon-Soy Sauce Chicken

Earlier in the day yesterday, my friend and neighbor Kim, let me in on her new favorite recipe, Lemon-Soy Sauce Chicken. Given that last night was officially the coldest in a while, I had zero desire to leave the house after returning from a brisk jog. Instead I opted to tidy, do laundry, and make this little creation, all with a glass of wine. It was lovely.

Now, I don't have an actual recipe for you, since I basically just followed Kim's instructions, and she kinda just made it up. 

But here is what I did...

-Saute onions and almond slivers (I also added chili peppers) in a frying pan. When onion is soft, add cubed chicken.
-When chicken is almost cooked, add equal parts lemon juice and soy-sauce to the pan. I kept adding until I liked the taste. (Sorry, no real science in this one!) I then added chopped green beans.
-Boil pasta.
-When chicken is cooked and pasta is done, drain pasta and add to the pan.
-Add more of the lemon/soy-sauce combo if need be, to make sure everything is flavored.
-Stir it a few more times and you are good to go!

Sorry I couldn't give you all more detail! Or exact measurements... 
Though I think this is one of those dishes that can't really go wrong.

Lemon zested and Soy-Sauced,

P.S. Took the remainder for my lunch today, and even cold it was to die for. Thanks Kim!

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