Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Norm For Me, A Chuckle For You 6

Way back when, I quit school lunch. I quit for a few reasons, but mostly because it had, 
in so many words...gotten gross. 
Sadly, things haven't changed much. Though I don't eat it anymore, I do still see the lunch in its "entire fish, gallon of rice, warm-milk" glory. School lunch goes on, I steer clear and live happily with my little meals from home. 

Today, I was walking back from heating up my lemon/soy-sauce chicken, when the lovely little cleaning lady popped out. She is kind, but..odd. Let's just say that taking social cues is not her strong suit. On my walk back to the teacher's room, I greeted her with a smile and a konichiwa. She immediately starting firing questions at me.

Here is how our conversation went...

"Keito, do you want some soup? We have extra."
"Oh, no thank you. I'm ok!"
"Soup, want some?"
"I'm ok, really." 
Why are we still having this conversation?
"Come come." 
Damn it.

Handing me a bowl, "Looks good huh?!" 
I peered in. It was the veggie cream soup. My least favorite. 
The one with surprise veggies in it. 
The one with unidentifiable pieces of meat in it. 
The one that creates a film across the top if you wait to long to eat it. 
No. It does not look good.

"The Principal didn't want any so we have extra, yay!" 
Smart man.

Though I told her after scoop two and three, that that was plenty of soup, she managed to fit four massive laddles full in my bowl.

In Japanese fashion, I thanked her profusely while I silently debated what I was going to do with my bowl of cream. I walked back to my desk to eat my left over pasta and concoct a plan.

I had one. 

When the Principal and Vice Principal went into the office to eat, I listened for noise out in the hall. When I could hear it was quiet I made my move. I peeked out into the hall and looked left and right, I brought the untouched bowl back to its place of origin. Ever so quietly lifted the two metal lids off the soup pot and shook the soup from my bowl back into the vat of soup. I gently set my unused spoon back with the rest of the spoons. Gingerly shut the door and ran back to the teacher's room. Resumed my seat at my desk and exhaled. 

Ten minutes later, she was back.

"Keitooooo! Are you finished?"
"Yes, yes! I put my bowl back already."
"How was it?!"
"Delicious!!! Thank you!"

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire,

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