Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Improvements

I realize that January is well underway, but I am still thinking about my new year's resolutions. For some reason the word resolution intimidates me, mostly because it is a known fact that just about any resolution will be broken, or pushed aside come March.
I have renamed my little list, "New Year Improvements."  

Here are a few things I pledge to work to improve in 2013.

-My posture.
-Sending more postcards.
-Typing, even casual emails, with proper punctuation and spelling.
-Reading more books.
-Paying better attention to the news.
-Drinking more water.
-Getting a better grasp on photography and editing pictures.
-Keeping unnecessary, not-so-nice comments, to myself.

[The Latest]

Must Read: The End of Courtship?...NY Times.
Google Search: How to remove gel nail polish.
Tune: I Won't Give Up By Lennon & Maisy...these sisters are amazing!
Accomplishment: Finishing up our power point for mid-year conference tomorrow.
Obsessions: Snowboarding.

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