Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life In A Page

I told myself that I would finish updating my resume by the end of January. 
Well, it is January 31st over here, and I am just now starting to really get to work on it. I had made little corrections, but not enough to really make a dent in things. I just kept reading my resume over and over, not willing to part with anything I'd done over the years. Every internship, every student teaching position, every fundraiser I'd been a part of. It all seemed so very important. Defining even.  

After a few reads and a chat with a friend, I sent it to him to look over. He immediately ripped it apart and sent back orders, "cut this, cut that"  When I protested one of his "cuts," he responded with a,"Ya, they don't care. Your resume is too long, at this age there is no reason it should be two pages. And cut the white space. If you get rid of that you could probably fit a few more things." It was exactly what I needed to hear. And even though I responded with a very mature, "FINE," I knew he was right. 

As I did as I was told, cutting and pasting, deleting and italicizing, I started to realize how much this little resume represented. Up until now, I thought everything I had ever done was the most important thing in the whole wide world. Seeing it written in black surrounded by white, trying to make it stand out that much more. When I was living it, not even once did I think to the future and consider that one day I would potentially, hopefully, most definitely be doing bigger and better things. 
Things that get bolded and go right to the top of my little one-pager.  
Can barely wait to see what they will be.

More to come, 

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Must Read: China Hacked the NY Times...The Guardian.
Google Search: Etsy.
Tune: The A Team By Ed Sheeran
Accomplishment: Cutting some things on my resume. 
Obsessions: New nail polish coat, glitter and all!

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  1. KB Resumes are pissers to compose, though helps to have a good critic stick with it love ya



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