Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apple Crumble

One of my all-time favorite desserts has to be warm apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. YUM! Last weekend, my good friend, Mike made me a lovely dinner followed by an apple crumble while I played with baby Rido. I have been craving another bite of warm apples and ice cream all week. 

Last night, Kris, Rachel and I, attempted to make our own apple crumble. I googled a couple recipes, taking a few of their suggestions before throwing caution to the wind and completely wingin it. 

Here is my, notremotelyexact recipe...

*I peeled and cut up three apples, and placed them in a clear baking dish...while we watched Ellen YouTube clips.
*In a separate bowl, I mixed flour, brown sugar, and a dash of cinnamon....I simply mixed until I like the color of the mixture. (Somewhere, Julia Child just rolled her eyes).
*I poured my powder mixture all over the apples.
*Melted some butter in the microwave then poured that all over the place.
*Threw some muesli (my town doesn't really do granola) on the top.
*Chopped up a ton of walnuts and made a thick layer of those bad boys on the top of my creation.
*Then I baked it.
  -Because I have a microwave oven, that's in Celsius and doesn't pre-heat, I don't have any hard and fast facts about the baking process. I can tell you it was on 190 C for about 7 Ellen clips. I took it out when it looked golden brown and started to smell good. Good luck with that.

None the less, it was to die for! 
My friends and I gobbled it up. Either they really enjoyed it, or I just have really good friends ;) Thanks guys. 


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