Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Scrappy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

 This is the third year in a row that I have celebrated turkey day in Japan, and while I am always pretty bummed that I can't be home in sunny LA eating turkey and stuffing with friends and family, I am always curious to see what original ways we'll come up with to celebrate the holiday over here.

This year, I completely forgot about the holiday until everyone from the US started wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. I was content with it being just another Thursday in Japan, but then I came home from work and watched a bit of TV. It was a Thanksgiving episode, and I thought, "Awww man! Now I wanna celebrate."

So I texted all members of JET village to see if anyone wanted to try to throw together a scrappy, totally causal, relatively creative, last minute Thanksgiving. We had a few members on board. We quickly decided on a menu, divided up the tasks, and everyone came over to help cook. Since we didn't totally know what we were doing, the theme of our make-shift Thanksgiving was, "No complaining." Not that any of us would have anyway, but just to make everyone more comfortable with their tasks, if the green beans were burned no one was allowed to complain, if the chicken (no turkey in Japan) wasn't flavorful enough, you wouldn't hear any negative comments from the audience. It was a great theme, you couldn't fail! By the end, it all became a huge joke, but I think it really took the pressure off.

Given that I sent the text out at 5, and we ate at 7, the meal turned out pretty great! Better than we expected.

It was a very happy thanksgiving indeed. 


Gobble, Gobble, 

P.S. You can read about past thanksgivings here and here.

[The Latest]

Must Read: A Chinese Education, For a Price...NY Times. 
Google Search: Simple green bean recipe.
Tune: Broken Hearted By Karmin
Accomplishment: Watching everyone walk home a little fatter and happier. :)
Obsessions: New baked apple dessert.

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  1. Fine meal for a last the leaves in your center piece. love ya



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